A Done Deal

A firm handshake always creates a great first impression, so don’t allow your hands to let you down. Seal the deal with a perfectly manicure nails and let your hands be smoother with the selection of our oil blends, lotions and premium nourishing creams.


QR 90 (30 minutes)

An essential pedicure that offers a complete foot care including the nails and cuticles along with corn and callus removal. This treatment will finish off with moisturizing the foot and legs with cream application to leave your feet feeling light and refresh.

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QR 160 (45 minutes)

YoAn absolute must-have after the active day of your feet. This indulgent pedicure includes an additional foot scrub to stimulate the circulation follows by a revitalizing green tea and mint calming mask, rounded off to an intense legs with foot massage to revive those tired limbs.

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QR 180 (40 minutes)

The ultimate grooming and de-stressing treatment to revive tired feet and aching muscles of an active sportsmen. This treatment includes a Herbal exfoliating mask with deeply nourishing and stimulating PerfectSense Paraffin treatment, perform with our supremely hygienic single-use system and it ends with an intense lower leg and foot massage.

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QR 70 (25 minutes)

A must-have for a well-groomed gentleman, this treatment provides a complete nail cleansing and cuticle conditioning followed by a hand and forearm moisturizing cream application to leave your hands with a smart and professional appearance.

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QR 110 (30 minutes)

Stay out on the rough, from this complete intensive hand and nails care cleansing which includes cuticle conditioning. The exfoliating salt scrub and moisturizing hand cream application, is guarantee to leave hands clean and feels great .

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QR 145 (45 minutes)

We know your time is of the essence, so we have combined the two of our most popular treatments to provide you the essential grooming together with all the benefits on your both hands and feet in a fastest time.

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